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Make travel model development faster, easier and more efficient


Special AGENT for special requirements

Upgrade your transport model

Travel patterns are changing. How does your software handle this?

Imagine You could …

  • use virtually any travel demand model

  • assemble demand models faster than ever before

  • enjoy working with an automated calibration procedure

  • collaborate in AGENT with every team member


AGENT is not only an upgrade for CUBE and EMME, it is also an upgrade for the quality and speed of travel demand forecasting.

Taxi On Road

Understandable modeling, useable for the team

AGENT is also an upgrade to simplicity:

  • Read clear text, no code!

  • Clear and intuitive user interface

  • Apply, maintain and upgrade models easily

  • Keep the model structure when switching from another software to AGENT

  • Transition easily from four-step to AGENT-based models

  • Speed up with agile model development

  • Advance models over time with new features

AGENT comes with support for virtually any travel demand model structure, including:

  • trip-based,

  • hybrid,

  • tour-based, and

  • activity-based (ABM) models.

And the best: mix elements of each as needed.

Enriched model calibration for improved simulation outcomes
  • Leverage automated calibration procedures

  • Fuse data from various sources, including big data

  • AGENT enables more rapid model (re-)calibration and takes away the „guess work“

  • Simultaneously calibrate model coefficients against data targets from available mobility data

Core values
  • Population Synthesizer

  • Choice Modeling Tools

  • Automated Calibration

  • Relational Travel Data Schema

  • Model Packages

  • Audit, Diagnostic, and Validation Features

  • Model Management Frameworks (UI and API) 

Traffic Long Exposure

Can you travel demand modeling software keep up with changing travel patterns?

AGENT - the
must-have Add-on for CUBE and EMME

CUBE and EMME are performing on highest level when teaming up with AGENT.



Scenario Management

Demographic scenario and travel scenario management. Works with EMME network scenarios and/or CUBE scenario manager.


Visualization and Analysis

Relational expressions for tabular and relational travel scenario analysis. Interactive simulation playback of ABM results (requires EMME).


While CUBE and EMME are also working stand-alone, AGENT has to be combined with one of them.

Your licensing options:


We recommend an annual licensing (subscription) when
•    this software is new for you
•    project peaks
•    smaller teams
•    cashflow is importan


Buying once + annual maintenance fee for
•    continuous workload
•    predictable need for many years
•    bigger teams
•    investment is an optio

Let’s evaluate together what type of licensing is the most sufficient for you.


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