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Teralytics – Improving Mobility

Teralytics provides a transformative view of human mobility by using big data and advanced machine learning.

Explore the power of Teralytics Matrix

Teralytics Matrix provides instant insights into travel patterns within your selected region, allowing you to track changes from day to night, weekdays to weekends, and season to season, year after year. 

Insights are drawn from real trips. The machine learning-based algorithms are based on current, anonymized data from telecom network operators, uncovering trends across public, commercial and personal transport.

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What can you do with Teralytics Matrix insights?

  • Identify unmet demand and overscheduled services.

  • Know where to offer alternatives to cars.

  • Improve connectivity between services.

  • Set timetables to travelers’ fluctuating needs.

  • Understand how building and maintenance projects influence how people travel.

  • Find options to lower road traffic and introduce low
    emission zones.

Key features

  • Mobility trends within and between predefined geographic zones.

  • Daily or monthly view of journeys made.

  • Regular updates to your dataset.

  • Flexible traffic volume comparison (e.g. hourly, daily, weekday-weekend, monthly).

  • Trip length.

  • Most frequent origin-destination pairs.

  • Mode of transport.

  • Trip purpose.

  • Immediate access via subscription.

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Teralytics Image.jpg

Understand your city

Transport planners

​Empower yourself to make informed decisions on infrastructure investments, public transport planning, and travel demand management strategies to foster a cost-effective and sustainable mobility system.

Urban planners

Design neighbourhoods and zoning regulations that promote efficient transportation options. Pinpoint locations for mixed-use development, enhanced public transit, or pedestrian-friendly infrastructure to enhance livability and accessibility.

Mobility operators

Enhance service planning and operations through streamlined service frequencies, strategic route designs, and optimal resource allocation. Identify high-demand areas for public transportation, strategise feeder services, and optimise transfer points for seamless travel experiences.

Ease of Deployment

intuVision VA is compatible with virtually all cameras, integrated with major VMS’s and is easy to deploy


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