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Predictive Modeling and Simulation of Transportation


What if we…

  • added a light rail line to our city? Will that ease congestion?
    built a bypass around the city? How will that impact truck

  • traffic in the city?
    built a roundabout versus a four-way intersection? How will that impact traffic?

  • rose the bus fare? Will that impact the movement of people around the city?

  • added a new interchange to the existing highway? How will that impact the value of the surrounding land?

With CUBE, you can answer questions like those.


CUBE is a flexible and efficient modeling software to analyze the effects of new projects and policies on:

  • a city’s transportation network, 

  • land-use, and 

  • its population. 

With this powerful tool for transportation, you clearly visualize and easily test any number of scenarios. You  compare potential benefits and become aware of unexpected consequences. The information provided from these scenarios saves time, money, review cycles and debates - because changes are proposed before entering the design process.


  • supports you in macroscopic modeling

  • enables informed decisions regarding transportation and land use development

  • improves your communication with stakeholders 

  • expands access to robust analytics

  • is an open platform that supports building and calibrating models of any type 

  • lets you link between the model, the data, and Geographic Information System (GIS) in a single click.



CUBE Land is an econometric land-use allocation model that brings realistic land-transport interactions into the modeling process. 

  • Forecast land use by simulating the real estate market under different economic conditions, changes to the transport system, and land use externalities. 

  • Predict changes to land use and value to focus development within corridors.

  • Combine CUBE Land with your transport model for a true land use and transport interaction (LUTI) simulation. 

CUBE CARGO (add-on)

CUBE Cargo offers freight-specific capabilities to represent multiple commodity groups and logistical nodes where transport mode or the type of vehicle might change.

  • Model freight movement throughout a city or region to understand the impacts of commodity flows and influence decisions on future infrastructure changes. 

  • Understand and optimize freight movements, 

  • improve policy decisions, 

  • and reduce congestion to improve overall movement within your area. 

Data Sheet


New Travel Demand Model for Western Cape Province

Learn how CUBE filled data gaps, employed innovative modeling techniques, offered integrated modeling tools, and created local experts for continued success 

Your licensing options:


We recommend an annual licensing when
•    this software is new for you
•    project peaks
•    smaller teams
•    cashflow is important


Buying once + annual maintenance fee for
•    continuous workload
•    predictable need for many years
•    bigger teams
•    investment is an option

Let’s evaluate together what type of licensing is the most sufficient for you.


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