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Dynasim – Traffic Microsimulation

Dynasim is a powerful software that allows planners and engineers to assess and visualize the effects of both geometric and operational road network changes and changes in mobility demand.

Powerful and intuitive graphical interface

Within an intuitive graphical user interface, Dynasim enables easy and accurate simulation of any transportation system regardless of the geometric configuration of the network, vehicle types, or different driving behaviours

Traffic  –  Parking  –  Pedestrians

Dynasim considers all the complexities of traffic by reproducing the flows of cars, trucks, buses, bicycles, pedestrians, and every other type of vehicle realistically.


Projects implemented in Dynasim consist of one or more Simulation Scenarios

  • Network Scenarios: Network Scenarios define all simulation objects that describe a transportation system (road network, traffic lights, crosswalks, etc.).

  • Flow Scenarios quantify the traffic demand, specific by vehicle class, for the modelled transportation system.

  • Traffic Light Scenarios define the traffic light plans of the light traffic intersections.

  • Public Transportation Scenarios allow any mass transit system to be modelled. Lines are described by defining their routes, types of vehicles and frequency of service.

Dynasim provides powerful new technologies for realistic simulation of parking areas

Upon reaching a parking zone, vehicles search for a free stall, optimising their final location based on locating attractor centres and minimising walking distance. If a vehicle does not find a free stall within the chosen parking zone, it can either continue to move through the area in search of a free stall or head to a new location.

Urbano del traffico

Dynasim – advanced features

A traffic microsimulation model is a mathematical model to simulate the behaviour of vehicles within a road network. Dynasim enables quantifying, modelling, simulating and visualizing the 2D and 3D movements rendering users’ specific behaviours.


Apart from the standard features that any microsimulation software provides, Dynasim includes advanced features such as:

  • Accidents simulation and analysis of their impacts on the network,

  • VMS (Variable Message Signs) simulation,

  • Advanced public transport systems simulation and integration with adaptive signals,

  • Path Flow Estimator for the estimation of traffic demand directly from observed traffic flow data (counts, turning volumes, matrices)

Ease of Deployment

intuVision VA is compatible with virtually all cameras, integrated with major VMS’s and is easy to deploy


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