citiEU and citiME provide services to transport planning departments, transport operators, and engineering companies in several countries worldwide.

The companies have been closely linked with Citilabs software, now Bentley products, since their start. In addition, we are involved with transport modelling projects where the use of Cube plays a significant role.

citiEU and citiME provide:

  • The best technical expertise one can get for modelling software such as Cube and Legion.

  • A dedicated team that can help develop models and improve existing models to make sure they meet the standards required for your city, region and project

  • Training in the use of Cube and Legion, on-site, online, often as part of an ongoing project.

  • We not only provide the software expertise but also help you to utilise it best to improve your skills and your transport planning

CitiEU | CitiME History

V&B becomes CitiEU Consultancy LTD

New partnership with IntuVision Technology

Citilabs Middle East

established in 2014

V&B becomes TomTom reseller

V&B established in 2009

Citilabs' distributor in Europe and MENA

Sales directors and support team within Citilabs 

Meet Tor and Alberto,

Directors of CitiEU and CitiME

Tor Vorraa





Until 2009


Alberto Brignone

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