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TomTom – A Great Data Source

TomTom road analytics products are your gateway to 10+ years of historical road data and live traffic analytics.

Available via TomTom’s MultiNet and MOVE portals, TomTom suite of solutions offers transportation authorities and their consultants the insights needed to make smarter decisions, reduce congestion and improve mobility.

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TomTom Traffic Stats provides insights to the traffic situation on the road network throughout the day

Customized queries

  • for a specific area or route

  • specific days and the time periods

  • Instant reports are made available to view or download

TomTom O/D Analysis is powered by a big data archive

  • Create OD information for any time period down to individual hours

  • Use the OD information as base for your model development, calibration and validation

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Junction Analytics_edited.jpg

TomTom Junction Analytics allows you to study traffic flow and conditions for any junction in your study area

  • configure and visualize intersection locations

  • use intuitive analytics tools and reports to obtain detailed insights into signal performance and mobility patterns

  • Queues

  • Delays

  • Turning flows

The TomTom Route Monitoring service provides valuable info about traffic conditions when large events, accidents, or other unplanned traffic stoppages occur.

  • Real time route travel times, delay times in comparison to free-flow traffic

  • Making it easy for operators to take proactive measures and improve mobility

Route Monitoring_edited.jpg

TomTom’s MultiNet is the dataset used for route guidance and covers all available streets with the detailed information you need for your model.

  • We provide the MultiNet for your study area in formats used by Cube

  • The network is cleaned and made ready for Cube modelling and includes detailed data such as turn penalties and speed profiles



“Polinomia has been using TomTom data since 2017, the TomTom portal has become one of the key working tools, just think for example of the use of historical traffic data in SUMP[...](With TomTom) it's like going from a drafting table to CAD”


Ing. Damiano Rossi – Director at Polinomia Srl


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