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LEGION: People Movement Simulation and Crowding Analysis

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LEGION is your tool to
•    create simulation models
•    define space characteristics
•    specify population parameters

Mobility simulation of people movement

Generate a digital representation of how people move between points of origins and destinations within a defined space either indoor or outdoor. 


Crowding Analysis

Use the simulation to identify LOS, travel time, conflict points, choke points and other indicators. Ensure efficient, smooth and safe movement of people in the concerned area.

With sophisticated modeling, analysis, and presentation capabilities for projects, LEGION helps enhance pedestrian flow and improve safety by allowing you to test evacuation strategies.

Represent the best understanding of how your venue will be operated

Create Simulation Models

  • Perform virtual experiments on the design and operation of a site 

  • Easily build and audit models with automated routing, increased intelligence, and simplified objects.

  • Help meet social-distancing requirements in crowded environments 

  • Access default and automated maps and analyses to accelerate simulation analysis

Scientifically Validated

  • Assess the impact of different levels of pedestrian demand. 

  • Mimic all aspects of an individual’s movement, including personal preferences, awareness of surroundings, spatial restrictions, and perception of other’s behavior. 

  • LEGION’s technology is based on extensive scientific research of pedestrians’ behavior in real contexts. Algorithms are patented, and simulation results have been validated against empirical measurements and qualitative studies.

Accurate Reporting

  • Accurately inform stakeholders about crowd densities, evacuation, space use, preferred paths, and overall social impact. 

  • Export and report clear output using maps, graphs, and video.

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Data Sheet


People Movement in a Railway Station Expansion


Learn how the design team eliminated unnecessary space in Gare du Nord to lower energy costs with the help of LEGION Software.

London Underground Simulates Passenger Movementson Major Subterranean Station Upgrade


By redesigning the station, London Underground Limited increased station capacity by an additional 45% during peak hours.

Your licensing options:


We recommend an annual licensing when
•    this software is new for you
•    project peaks
•    smaller teams
•    cashflow is important


Buying once + annual maintenance fee for
•    continuous workload
•    predictable need for many years
•    bigger teams
•    investment is an option

Let’s evaluate together what type of licensing is the most sufficient for you.


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