intuVision® VA - COVID-19 Solutions

IntuVision® flexible analytics provide reliable solutions to slow the spread of the virus by monitoring compliance with social distancing and face mask use preventative measures.

This period of COVID-19 has caused massive adjustments in daily life, as countries and communities are taking precautions to protect people from getting infected. intuVision® VA’s analytics tailored for COVID-19 preventative measures can help with:

  • controlling the occupancy levels in stores,

  • watching for crowd density levels or loitering in public areas, and

  • monitoring face mask use in food stores as well as reopening offices and retail environments.

Depending on the use case scenario, intuVision's Review Application and triggers support a wide range of follow on actions upon detection of non-compliance.

intuVision® VA’s Output Triggers offer such options as generating audio alarms to warn and remind customers of face mask use, controlling red/green status lights or an audio alert to control occupancy in a store, or notifying staff if an area is too crowded.

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