intuVision® Security

intuVision® Security is the premier security analytics solution available. The flagship product, intuVision® Security is well-trusted worldwide.

People excel at transforming information into responsive action but fail in maintaining focus and attention when monitoring monotonous surveillance video. intuVision Security solution never loses focus, does not get tired, distracted or bored, and alerts security staff to take action.

This intelligent video software provides the capability to monitor your surveillance video in real-time and send out alerts upon the occurrence of user-specified events. If a concern is a thief breaking into a doorway after hours, a person entering a one-way door from the incorrect direction, or a vehicle loitering outside of your building, intuVision VA will notify the security staff of event occurrence.

intuVision® Security detects a wide range of threats from intruders and trespassers, to abandoned objects, to idling vehicles in real-time.

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intuVision® is a registered trademark of intuVision, Inc.

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